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Lackstift AC 12ML 10-0004

Lackstift AC 12ML 10-0004 silber Metallic
Lackstift AC 12ML 10-0004
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DUPLI-COLOR Autofarbones Auto-Color (Combi)


The tried-and-tested combination system for numerous applications: High-quality acrylic varnish for varnishing and varnishing on the car and for many other things, for example in the household: for do-it-yourselfer, decoration and craftwork on metal, wood, glass, stone, ceramics, cardboard and many hard plastics. In the industry: thanks to fast-drying quality and numerous RAL shades.

Particularly suitable for consumption due to long-lasting, application-friendly acrylic quality at a high technical level. With the help of the AUTO-COLOR color program (YYM No. 998 49 98), the right shade is easy to find.


  • high quality acrylic quality

  • high color accuracy

  • fast drying

  • free from lead and cadmium

  • lasting shine

  • weatherproof, very good color fastness (light-weight), UV-resistant (yellowing-free)

  • polishable - dirt-sensitive surface

  • good flow, smooth surface

  • suitable for painting and repairing objects indoors and outdoors

  • very good covering power

  • excellent adhesion

  • high surface hardness combined with good elasticity

  • Scratch, impact and impact resistant

  • dirt-sensitive due to a particularly smooth surface

  • Metal effect lacquer and Pearl shades must be sealed with clear lacquer after at least 30 minutes!



Manufacturer reference number: 10-0004

Packing: varnish

Contains: 12 ml



It is recommended to carry out a color comparison before each painting since:

  • Color tolerances in production of the cars in different production sites.

  • different years of construction and weathering in older paints can cause different shades of the actually identical color. These hue deviations can not be excluded.