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Gehörschutz Peltor

Gehörschutz Peltor mit FM-RADIO
Gehörschutz Peltor
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3M ™ PELTOR ™ WorkTunes ™ Pro Headset


  • Hearing protection with high insulation
  • FM radio with integrated antenna
  • Digital station search
  • Voice-controlled menu with frequency announcement
  • Station memory (up to 5 stations)
  • Audio input 3.5 mm stereo (limited to 82 dB) for connection of external devices (eg radio, mp3 player)
  • Auto power off: The headset automatically turns off 4 hours after the last key movement to save power.
  • Warning signal at low battery voltage
  • Housing the electronics in the outer capsule area to prevent sweat corrosion
  • Available in versions with headband and helmet attachment (black)



Technical specifications:



Headband HRXS220A

Headband (stainless steel, PVC, PA)

Headband wire (stainless steel)

Two-point suspension (POM)

Earpads (PVC foil and PUR foam)

Insulation inserts (PUR foam)

Capsule (ABS)

Locking (PA)

Power button (TPE)

[+] Key (TPE)

[-] button (TPE)

Helmet attachment HRXS220P3E

Capsule support (stainless steel)

Battery type:
2 x AA batteries (alkaline)
Operating time: about 40 hours of battery life
Net weight (including batteries):
WorkTunes Pro FM HRXS220A (headband) = 351 g

WorkTunes Pro FM HRXS220P3E (helmet attachment) = 369 g
Operating temperature: -20 ° C to + 55 ° C (depending on the battery)
Storage temperature: -20 ° C to +55 ° C
Shelf life: 5 years (without batteries)
Cable connections: 3.5 mm stereo audio input (limited to 82 dB)




1 x headset

2 x AA batteries

1 x user manual